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3i offers a broad range of management services to support large programs or project-specific assignments. Our services span all phases of project development and delivery.




3i has an extensive and diverse construction portfolio that spans restoration, renovation, new construction, and interiors. Many projects blend these areas of expertise and involve the addition of innovative and ambitious new structures to existing, often historically significant, buildings. The codes, materials, and techniques are distinct for each type of project, but what is common to all our work is maintaining an open, team approach that we deliver to every client. The skill and experience that we deploy through our construction teams on the ground equal some of the best in the industry. Our goal is always to deliver unparalleled quality in line with each project owner’s unique vision.

Occupied Sites

Many of 3i’s projects require working in buildings and campuses that remain occupied and in operation throughout the construction process. This requires sensitivity and consideration, achieved through close communication with building managers and occupants, and a high degree of precision in scheduling. Our exceptional pre-planning and commitment to customer service set us apart with on-time delivery and minimal disruption under these often-strenuous conditions.

Quality Control

Construction, more than any other industry, illustrates the maxim that it is more economical to do it right the first time than to fix it later. Quality control is embedded in everything we do and is the responsibility of every member of a 3I project team. We apply it as a continuous discipline from estimates, schedules, proposals, and written communications through all aspects of the construction phase starting with the best people and the appropriate experience on every team. That is followed by a clear, unambiguous direction to ensure high-quality work is efficiently done in a clean and orderly environment reflecting the integrity inherent in our process and reducing loss, errors, and safety risks. Every 3i project has a superintendent whose primary responsibility is to manage schedule and quality control. We utilize mobile issue tracking and close-in checklist software: Markup or photographic notifications are delivered by email while quality assurance checklist routines and full punch list management are available on both mobile devices and computers. All subcontractors and consultants are tied together through web-based email or Office 365.

American Airlines Integrated Operations



From inception, financial analysis, planning, and development, to construction, through close-out and warranty, the 3i design-build team helps our clients throughout the lifespan of a project. Our number “1” priority is to assist in making our client’s vision a reality through a seamless partnership. We tailor our services and our team to specific requirements to ensure better cost control, budgeting, and timely completion of every project.




The 3i management team has over 15 years of experience serving as a construction managers on complex projects for a variety of public and private sector clients. We focus on team building to establish a close working relationship with the owner and design team. This allows our highly skilled executive team to play an integral part in every step of the construction process to be good stewards of the budget and produce a successful project. 



Our executive team has years of combined experience managing every aspect of CMAR projects. During preconstruction, our team plays a vital role by teaming with clients and designers on BIM 3D modeling, schedule evaluations, constructability reviews, cost control exercises, and other preliminary activities to ensure a smooth construction process. 




A guaranteed maximum price is a limit on the amount that the owner will have to pay the contractor on the project, regardless of the actual cost of the project to the contractor. Unlike a standard “cost-plus-fee” contract, a guaranteed maximum price contract shifts much of the risk that the project will be more expensive than estimated, from the owner to the contractor. Unlike a lump sum contract wherein a contractor is paid a flat fee for the work, the guaranteed maximum price contract allows the owner to potentially save money if the project ends up costing less than estimated. Sometimes the owner and contractor will agree in advance that these savings be shared between the two parties, as an incentive to the contractor to come in below estimates. So, to recap, in a guaranteed maximum price contract the contractor will charge the owner the cost of the labor and materials plus a percentage of that cost for profit. The total cost to the owner may be less than the guaranteed maximum price, but it will not exceed it.




Job order contracting (JOC) is a competitively bid, firm-fixed-price, indefinite-quantity contract that allows our clients to issue a series of work orders without having to individually bid on each project. We are currently performing JOC services for more than 20 higher education facilities, K-12 school districts, hospitals, counties, and cities in which we provide on-call renovation and repair services.



We believe that attracting and keeping the most skilled and experienced tradesmen, laborers, and operating engineers allow us to retain lessons learned on every project and deliver deep experience and established, vetted teams to our clients. Many of our construction and project managers began their 3i careers as carpenters and superintendents and we value the insight and knowledge that they bring to management. We do not insist on self-performing work but have a long history of excelling in it, especially for scopes that are notoriously difficult to price due to lack of clear definition and difficult access. By offering many years of hands-on experience embedded in our team, 3i offers advantages at every stage of any project. 




Effective construction management relies on the depth of experience necessary to act as a skilled and trusted adviser to clients undertaking large projects and needing support across multiple functions. We may assist with hiring architects, consultants, and even general contractors, negotiating contracts, scheduling, and budgets. We may perform no actual construction on these projects but select and engage multiple sub-prime contractors and manage work across multiple phases or sections of a larger development.

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