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Terrance "TJ" Gibson
VP of Finance

Terrance “TJ” Gibson is the VP of Finance for 3i He reports directly to the President/CEO of 3i and is a key member of the 3i Senior Leadership Team. Responsibilities and roles for this position include oversight and management of all facets of financial management and accounting for 3i and all other companies and organizations associated, owned, managed, or partnered with 3i. 


TJ is responsible for controlling costs, managing risks, financial reporting, related programs, and accounting measures and is the financial spokesperson for the company. As VP of Finance, his role will grow with the growth of the company, and he has demonstrated decisively that he accepts his expanding role and his responsibilities within the organization. His background in the construction industry is impressive, and diverse and has proven to be an excellent fit with 3i. Before joining 3i he held a Senior Management Position with a large real estate/development company, was the head of finance for an independent development company, and worked for many years in the construction business in a variety of roles.

In this position, Mr. Gibson has a wide range of financial authority. He is primarily responsible for financial planning and all accounting and finance responsibilities. TJ works closely with the CEO to oversee and maintain financial performance and achieve the company’s long-term goals and strategies.


In addition, he oversees and works closely with outside accountants and with the audit firm to ensure reports are filed promptly. He also works with Business and Administrative staff on hiring, payroll, and benefits. His position has multiple responsibilities and works with all departments on financial and accounting matters as well as staffing and other related fields. He is a key member of the Senior Leadership Team at 3i and has proven repeatedly that he is capable and has a strong desire to see that 3i is successful now and in the future. 

University of North Texas – Degree in Accounting

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